Technology-based Creative Works

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St. Mary's University Online Teaching Certification Program

This certification course is designed to support faculty entering into St. Mary’s online learning environment, offering our instructors pedagogical tips and strategies for effective online teaching and a platform for creating academically rigorous and rewarding online courses that contribute to St. Mary’s overarching commitment to cultivating and educating for the common good.

Online Accessibility in Academics (website)

Lesson planned and created for coursework, LTEC 5220 Multimedia/Technology Applications. 

Online Teaching Certification Program

I met Ms. Cruz when I agreed to teach an online employment law course and enrolled in the University’s mandatory online course, which trained faculty members in the best practices of delivering instruction in this format. Ms. Cruz served as the instructor for this course that she developed, and also assisted me in developing my course. Her course was extremely well-designed, helpful and encouraged me to consider modifying my other “live” courses into a hybrid format using the Canvas learning system. All my interactions (electronic and in-person) were professional and focused on me understanding the material presented and developing a course that excelled at assisting my students.  I walked into teaching an online course with some trepidation and became a convert, largely due to the excellent guidance given me by Ms. Cruz.

Xavier Rodriguez

United States District Judge and Adjunct Professor of Law, St. Mary’s University School of Law

St. Mary's University Rooted Relevance Interactive Experience

This interactive experience was created for the St. Mary’s Defining the future taskforce and used for faculty and staff convocations. The interactive media is intended to disperse information on the university’s mission, themes found from the community, and milestones on activity.