Professional Presentations

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Driffill, M., Sperling, R., Cruz, F., & Avila, C. (2019, February) Digital Divide or Divide & Conquer?: The effect of Title V funding on Latinx students attending HSIs. In R. Sandil (Co- Director) and G. Payton (Co-Director), 2019 Winter Roundtable. Poster session was presented at the Winter Roundtable, New York, NY.

National conference

Smith, M. & Cruz, F. (2018, November) Increasing accessibility awareness…One online course at a time. In P. Cassella (President) United States Distance Learning Association’s 2018 International Forum for Women in E-learning. Presentation took place at the 2018 International Forum for Women in E-learning, San Antonio, TX.

International conference

Sperling, R., Cruz, F., Zwahr-Castro, J. (2017, May) The (Dis)Advantage of paired samples t-test with high missing data: Addressing a perennial problem in our K-12 schools. In S. Rajaram (President), 2017 Association for Psychological Science. Poster was presented at the Association for Psychological Science’s Annual Convention, Boston, Massachusetts.

National conference

Cody, T. L., Cruz, F., Cox, C. B. (2017, March) Online Training and the learner’s perspective: Bridging the gap. In K. Henry (President), 2017 Southwestern Psychological Association Annual Convention. Talk occurred at the Southwestern Psychological Association Convention, San Antonio, TX

Regional conference

Cody, T. L., Cruz, F. (2017, February) Accessibility for All? A Revision of an Online Teaching Certification Program. In R. Sandil(Co- Director) and G. Payton (Co-Director), 2017 Winter Roundtable. Poster was presented at the Winter Roundtable, New York, NY.

National conference